JASPAR Genome Browser tracks

Genome Browser track data hub containing genome-wide binding site predictions for TF profiles in the JASPAR CORE.

UCSC tracks

1. Direct link

View the tracks directly in the UCSC Genome Browser for the following species and genome assemblies:

2. Public track hub

Connect to the JASPAR track data Public Hub on the UCSC Genome Browser via "MyData => Track Hubs" by first searching for JASPAR, and then adding the hub to your session using "Connect" .

3. Download

Underlying TFBS prediction data is available for download and further analysis: http://expdata.cmmt.ubc.ca/JASPAR/downloads/UCSC_tracks/

Example of dataset (random sample of lines):

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Ensembl tracks

1. Direct link

View the tracks directly in the Ensembl Genome Browser: http://www.ensembl.org/Trackhub?url=http://expdata.cmmt.ubc.ca/JASPAR/UCSC_tracks/hub.txt

2. Attach track hub

You can attach the JASPAR track hub to Ensembl via “Configure this page”. Then search the Track Hub Repository for JASPAR and attach the hub.

Note that while the JASPAR UCSC tracks by default show predicted TF binding sites with scores of 500 or greater (P < 10-5), the Ensembl tracks show all predicted binding sites. Ensembl colors predictions according to their score, from yellow (low scores) to green (medium) and blue (high). Please refer to the JASPAR hub help page (see below).

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Track Hub Registry

JASPAR genome tracks are also available in Track Hub Registry. Use this link https://www.trackhubregistry.org/search?q=jaspar and select the track for the assembly of interest.

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Further information

Click on the JASPAR track details within the UCSC Genome browser to view the track help page:

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