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CN0111.1 LM111 CTGACCTACTTT Homo sapiens
CN0112.1 LM112 CTCATTTGCATATTC Homo sapiens
CN0113.1 LM113 WYTGTTTTKCTTGGCA Homo sapiens
CN0114.1 LM114 TTTCCAATTAAGCT Homo sapiens
CN0115.1 LM115 CAAGATTAATKGCT Homo sapiens
CN0116.1 LM116 WWNAAGHTGAAAATTGCT Homo sapiens
CN0117.1 LM117 GATAATTGAGAGTTGAC Homo sapiens
CN0118.1 LM118 WSATTTWCWGKAAATSW Homo sapiens
CN0119.1 LM119 AAACCAATTAGCATC Homo sapiens
CN0120.1 LM120 CTTAATTACAGGCW Homo sapiens
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